Get acquainted with bad decorating living room ideas

Living room is like heart city of a country. This means that living room is a center in a home. It is a place where family talks and gather. It is also a place where other people (guests, colleague) visit and have a nice conversation over there. However, because of that intensity-using, sometime living room so soften the growing stack of magazines or the dust across the fireplace mantle goes unnoticed. Once, you get worn-out sofa, you throw it away and grab the new one in a rush—without any consideration as to whether or not the new sofa is proper for your living room style. This does not give better looks of your living room, but messy and boring living room.

decorating living room ideas


decorating living room

Taking into account this, you are better to get familiarized with the following bad decorating living room ideas!

Paint too soon
To paint to soon may be dangerous for your living room. Because you don’t consider many things, you may be trapped of bad color choices. At this point, panting should be one of the last things you consider. Rather, furnishing should come first. This will make you easy to match paint. So, focus on furnishing first and think of the paint.

Pick out uncomfortable furnishing
Most people gravitate toward what looks good in a furniture showroom. However, good-looking sofa should not be your primary focus, rather you also have to consider as to how that sofa or chair will feel while sitting on it for the next ten years. You may stick to armless sofas. It is true that it will be elegant and leather chairs will look divine. But don’t forget to think of its conformability—it may not be conducive for lounging out.

Avoid accessorize
Once you see the coffee table is covered with magazines and you can’t see your bookshelves for all of the books, it is time to reassess the accessories existing in your current living room. To start, you can look up throughout your living room; but the best piece to decorate is walls and ceilings. This may need to be freshened and re-designed.

Don’t ever move anything
You may have too much stuff in your living room. Don’t ever only move it but once you identify the furniture as unused thing, sell or donate it and replace with the new one.

Therefore, when you get into chick design of your living room, grab those bad decoration ideas above and take the lesson from it.

Minimalist living room decorating ideas as your fabulous guide

Do you feel bored of your minimalist living room? At this point, you may have to re-decorate your room. Look around, there may be wrong decoration leading to your boring living room. Once you find the wrong, search for ideas for re-decorating your living room and pick out the simple and proper one—associated with the characteristics of your living room.

living room design


minimalist living room


minimalist living room decorating ideas


However, you may wonder about how to start the decoration so as to get a chick decoration style. Take the following minimalist living room decorating ideas:

a. Try to create clean space for minimalist style
Don’t ever let the clutter exists in your living room. This may become the greatest sources of stress in your living room. So, it will be better to make sure that your room doesn’t have any clutter. Besides, you have to remember that minimalist approach will not only bring order to your room, but it also will give the room a streamlined and organized appeal. This is actually the basic concept of minimalist decoration—you should not put complicated furnishings in your living room.

What to do? For the first, you may go through the room to purge items that you don’t use or want anymore. This will result stress less room circumstance. What to do next? You can conceal as much stuff as you can behind cabinets or in a series of tasteful boxes or baskets. Then, try to anchor table top items on a tray to tidy it all together.

b. Create the minimalist color story
There are colors and designs that may not appropriate with a minimalist living room design. There may be colors appearing busy and making your wall and furniture are cacophony. However, what is actually the proper color for your minimalist living room design? To start, you can choose a single color or color theme giving minimalist harmony to your home. However, if you pick out a monochromatic space and use one as dominant color on all pieces of furniture, you have to alter textures to give contrast and interest taste. Meanwhile, if you have more than one color, just go on sticking to the color story and try not to vary from it. Lastly, repeat it throughout the space to form the cohesiveness and consistent palette.

Those are steps for you who are dying to get chick minimalist of living room design. Get it out and get a fabulous design ever.

How can I decorate my living room? Here are the tricks

Decorating a living room will be always a good idea—as long as you know how decorate it. Besides saving your money, knowing how decorate a living room also will give you essential knowledge as to interior designing. Actually there are many people who do the decoration because for passing time or hobby—but doing it as your hobby will make you feel complicated and burdened. However, there will be no perfect decoration before knowing basic principles of how decor living room. You may find things can go wrong and it makes a fool out of yourself.

decorate living room

For this, it will be better luck and recommendable if you arm yourself with some ideas as to how decorate living room. Moreover, you may feel stuck and question as to “how can decorate my living room. “ So, here you go:
Firstly, you should not forget setting off a plan. You also have to set off a generic outlook of what your living room will be like. This means that you have to know every detail and tails in advance. You may think just need to take general ides, but this will add the icing on the cake. Actually, having a plan and generic outlook will be so helpful during that decoration. So, don’t forget to do this step.

Secondly, it will be better if you do a lot of research work before you decide on the look of the living room. You may go through some magazines or catalogues. Or you may want to be practical by searching some ideas through internet. Try to search ideas as to the design, colors or style that you are interested in. Once you have got the idea that you like, you can tear the page and keep it aside for future reference. However, you have to decide careful of what you are going to decide. You may be regretted as to your choice. You may be compelled to be firm by sticking to the decision.

Thirdly, remember that lighting plays a significant role of your decoration. It really creates a good circumstance. Lighting also adds shine and glitter to the room leading to making our moods shine and glitter. It also can spur out senses. Or you may use scented candle which can bring in an additional spark to your living room.

Therefore, knowing these principles before will make you easy to decorate your living room. So comprehend this and never make a fool yourself by a wrong decision of a decoration of your living room.

Principles and tips of house / home interior design and decorating ideas for living room

Are you dying to make over your own living room? Have you grabbed the principles of making over a living room? Decorating a living room must become an interesting topic—in particular for a new house. You may fall into that rut now and then. Moreover, if you are the beginner of designing your living room, you may get the home living room ideas beforehand. You may need some references for decorating your own living room. Actually getting house interior design ideas will be so essential because this will help you much for picking out the right style of your living room. So don’t hesitate in looking for the ideas beforehand.

home living room ideas

In addition, you need some cut ways to get fast and practical home living room decorating ideas. You will be better luck to grab the following principles, such as:

a. Start with bold items
You may have canary yellow credenza. If you want to show up the happiness, you may have to use yellow. It will make any room a happier place. To begin, you may choose this piece of art (canary credenza) and then apply teal for an accent color. This will function for toning down the brightness. In addition, if you want an inexpensive art, you may paint a square on the wall instead of covering all four walls with statement-making wallpaper, placed only below the chair rail.

b. Punch up the existing piece
To do this pint, you may wrap up fabric foam board and attach it under the glass top of coffee tables. This will be a great display to show more happiness. So just try this point—you must not be disappointed.

c. Use the approach of black and white
This will be incredibly sophisticated when you apply this classic combination. To create this, you will need to mix up the scale and the patterns to create a sense of depth. You can create panels of triangle-motif wall paper for framing the fireplace, particularly extends to the ceiling, it will make your room feel taller. Then you may use oversized throw pillows tossed on the floor feature. This will be slightly more toned down.

d. Create playfulness instead of perfect
You may forget about matched design—in particular if this makes you complicated. Rather try a more relaxed, freewheeling strategy with your décor. This will give the sense of fun in your living room.

Therefore, decorating a living room will not be complicated if you figure out and apply house decorating tips above.